Peer support has long been regarded as the best way to truly help someone who is in recovery from mental health challenges and/or substance use disorders. Knowing that you can learn skills to tackle your problems from others who have struggled with your problems is a truly empowering thing! 

We are a peer run center. No one is above, nor beneath you. Being "peer run", everyone here at the center is in recovery from a self-identified problem with life, whether a mental health challenge and/or substance use disorder. You don't require a diagnosis to benefit from our community. We are all sharing the tools that we've learned to cope with the struggles in our lives without.

Our main goal is to activate self-management and provide a non-judgmental environment that cultivates meaningful connection and relationship. 


***If you are looking for somewhere to volunteer to get your 500 hours needed for certification, please inquire within. Volunteers are always gladly accepted.